Monday, March 16, 2009

Parenting: the Ultimate Improvisation

When we improvise we step up to the moment with eyes wide open and with a mind/heart ready to make sense out of whateever is going on, and do something constructive.  I continue to be delighted and amazed at the applications people have been making for the maxims of improvisation.  I have heard from ministers who have used the prinicples to write a sermon, Lesbians who are using the maxims as wisdom for dating, health care workers using it to train Alzheime's caregivers, entrepreuneurs who are applying it to business challenges and most recently I've read a wonderful blog which uses improv wisdom in Parenting a teen.  Dr. Nancy L. Brown, a specialist in adolescent health has written a delightful blog on this topic. 

Or, of course parenting and grandparenting are the ultimate improvisation.  Nothing really prepares us for the surprises that children and teens bring to our lives.

I love this photo of my brother, Michael and his grandson Ryan.  It won't be too long before Ryan will be teaching his grandpa things about the computer.  

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