Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 120: First Day of Genealogy Week

My husband Ron has become absorbed in family history since his retirement several years ago.  He pursues this interest full time around his other household duties.  In the past two years we have attended four major family reunions around the country. The Ryan family reunion recently was held at Virginia Beach.  Past photos were a testament.  Today I am starting a week of genealogy photos.  Along with the catalogue of over 23 thousand names of people connected to us Ron has done considerable research on the nearest branches of our family.  These two large charts (each over four feet wide) show the architecture of the families.  The upper photo is of the Phillips family through the ages and the lower chart shows "The Madsons Through the Ages".  While the charts are only a partial view of the family tree they give some sense of how we are connected.  Each day I'll add a montage photo of a family grouping.  All of the photos that follow on this blog can be found on the walls of our study in El Granada. 

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