Saturday, January 7, 2017

Everyday life is the miracle

Everyday life if the miracle.  Hyperbole Abounds
I’m here to remind us that everyday life, ordinary reality IS the way. As we slip into 2017 I take stock of the “world according to popular culture.” Film and television is dominated by Superheroes, magical creatures, alternate realities, time-travel, inter and inner planetary adventures, hyper-explosives, mega bad guys and even a new President who is a Reality TV star. We all seem to be heading at warp speed into some cataclysmic and futuristic future, if you are to believe movie trailers. 
The depth of color of my Earl Grey tea, and the texture of the litter as I clean the cat box, along with the sound of our grandfather’s clock ticking can easily get lost as our minds are lured into the fantastical or the glittery.
I’m here to suggest that the miracle is not superpower but rather running water and raindrops, fresh granola and milk, aspirin and duct tape, free education and taxes. To be alive in this twenty first century is the true miracle.
We know that distraction is the enemy of purposeful living. If it’s shiny, and it moves or has a tiny red dot signifying “I’m contacting you,” then we jump. The expansive leisure that I enjoy in retirement is even challenged by my Facebook and Twitter feeds. So what can we do?
Train your mind to notice the gifts. Take a fresh look at what is around you, who is around you, what systems are in place that support you. 
January 3, 2017

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