Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Madsons Christmas tree 2011

When my husband Ron built our house he created a 16 foot ceiling at one end of the living room.  I didn't know until our first Christmas came around that he had a purpose in this.  Each November we go over to Pastorinos on highway 92 and select the largest tree that Ron can get me to agree to bring home.  It's always a struggle since I like "little things" and Ron clearly likes big ones.  So a family tradition was born.  Put up the biggest tree you can find, and decorate it with the thousand ornaments you have collected over the past forty years.  Our friends know that we have a large tree and so, many of them give us lovely ornaments.  Our stash includes the complete White House ornaments collection.  This was started by my brother, Michael who gave us one a decade ago.  Now we have them all.  
And, here stand I with another family tradition:  dressed for my birthday dinner at Gary Danko.  Ron treats me like a princess and takes me to the best place in town.  Truly it is.  So, I bring you today our fondest wish for a year of health and strength.  And I'm wishing the world a dose of common sense and down to earth-ness in 2012.  I know that's a big order in an election year.  Perhaps if we are lucky we can find that still center which is at the heart of this season.  

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