Monday, December 26, 2011


My task this week following Christmas is to pull together a serious pile to take to the Goodwill, or rather our local Coastside Senior Opportunity Center store.  One of the pleasures of sorting and stacking used books and clothing is to find shards of memorabilia.  Stuffed as a bookmark in a copy of a fading paperback was a 3 x 5 card with this poem handwritten.  I can't discern a date, but the back of the card was used to score some game when Ron and I partnered against our niece Elissa and her brother Ryan.  I wonder what the game was? Here is the poem. 


You served breakfast on the beach
broke bread with thousands at a hillside picnic
celebrated with many at the marriage of Cana –
exciting events all of these.

But this morning it’s only me
on an ordinary Monday
requesting the honor of your presence
at my kitchen table
for coffee and conversation.

Comfort comes in knowing
you require neither
feasts nor crowds—
only an invitation.

Joan Rae Mills
      from “St. Anthony’s Messenger”
        a Catholic Magazine 


  1. Lovely, reflective poem paired with a beautiful cup. Come, magic carpet, I must away to coffee with Patricia!

  2. I long for the day when this can take place. Wish we were closer . . .