Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best intentions . . .

Greetings in the new year.  There is optimism about the possibility presented at the beginning of days.  I am stoked with resolve.  Today I received a weekly post from one of the best poets alive, Maya Stein.  She just kindly gave me permission to share her poem of the week.  It resonated with me and I bet it will with you.

my watercolor of Pomponio Beach, CA 


the drift

Sometime last week, after the revelry of the new year had passed,
that bright resolve to steer the ship of my life in a freshly purposeful direction
was dismantled by sudden doubt, like a flash frost blinding the windshield.
I wandered the morning half-awake, wasting good daylight on a section
of a tricky crossword, mindless with my meals, stingy
with love. I could feel it, momentum draining out of me, trouble troubling
the water, and all my proclamations about change and opportunity
fell silent as old rocks. The day tumbled on, without visible meaning,
until bed, when a sliver of moon rose behind the house. It wasn’t an answer,
exactly, but I understood this: A journey calls for sea, not shore. 

To meet Maya go to her website and then visit her blog.


  1. One of those poems where involuntary "hmmmmms" escape from deep withing my chest at every line.

    Thank you and to Maya as well. I needed this.

    The difference between this watercolor and the one from the same location you posted on FB interests me... To me, this one says calm; the other suggests nature on the move.

  2. It amazes me that you have taken the time to compare two of my pieces. And, I think you are right. The one on my Timeline cover is active, moving . . . and this one IS calm. I had considered it dull and uninteresting, but now that you give it a kind word I think better of it. Thank you, Robin. Is your book done? I'm sitting on my print out to order a copy. Must send it off now!
    And, yes, isn't the poem . . . a poem?

  3. I returned to read Maya's poem again. It calls me...momentum draining, trouble troubling the water, silent as old rocks... a journey calls for the sea, not shore. Wow! I did needed this today... I'm down on the beach now, ready to put my feet in the water in the morning.

    Anyway, good thing I did, because here's your comment to me... thanks! I have 'til the end of Feb. to finish all the text and photos for the book. It's been a week "on shore", but as I said, tomorrow I take the plunge again. Word is, from the publisher that the new book will not be released until Dec. 2012. The new book is all about techniques and about beads...

    "Heart to Hands" is the one you want. May I send you a complimentary copy?