Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Points for rebounds

On Facebook today a former student, Chris Esparza, now living and teaching in Oregon posted this thought:
"In basketball, they keep stats on rebounding.  In life, this is a skill to cultivate . . .  giving more attention to what happens after a missed shot vs. the miss itself."  This is superior advice for living.  We all get stuck curled into a ball of self recrimination when things don't go well.  What great advice: focus on what comes next!  This is, of course, where our power lies . . . in the actions we do each day to advance our purposes.  So, today's mantra is "BECOME a great REBOUNDER".  Thanks, Chris, for the metaphor.  

And, today's etegami is a gift from the Queen of Etegami in Japan, Debbie Davidson.  Here her touching poem is accompanied by a green onion painted with matcha tea and sparkling gel pens.  What fun.  I love the lamination which protects the card as it flies from Japan to California.  Thanks, Debbie.

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