Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 78: Our knife drawer

Among the "everyday things" that I admire are these tools in my knife drawer in the kitchen.  I've been collecting these knives for four decades.  And my capable and helpful husband keeps them sharp.  A truly well sharpened knife is a wondrous thing.  Chopping vegetables becomes a happy adventure.  The knife at the bottom of the photo with a paper sheathe belonged to Ron's father, Correll Madson.  After his death the children gathered to distribute his personal effects.  I love having a kitchen knife that belonged to him.


  1. Very true...when my father died, I asked for his tools. I use them all the time & I even have my grandfather's saw. The simple things are truly the best.

  2. I love knowing that a flying beadier has read my blog and shares this idea. Thanks for the comment.