Monday, July 6, 2015

Second Week

Today is exactly two weeks from the surgery.  It's going well.  This morning my Physical Therapist came and gave me a lesson in walking with the cane.  It still feels a little advanced for now, but I can imagine in a few weeks that the cane will seem sufficient.  I'm cautious and the walker seems secure and workable.  Every day now I've gone outside for a bit of a walk uphill in my neighborhood.  Rehab isn't dramatic or exciting.  It's a kind of serious plodding along patiently.  

I've gotten some notes from friends who are concerned that I am "putting up a brave face" that everything is fine, when it would be better to share the difficulty.  Well, in truth, there is difficulty but it all seems part of the journey.  I don't expect to feel "normal" for a long time.  And, I don't need to.  What I'm feeling and doing is fine just as it is.  The new slower pace of living provides an opportunity to focus on the details of life.  There is a kind of pleasure in this.

No need to rush around and do anything.  I have enjoyed being able to cook and prepare food standing in my nice kitchen.  Life is good. And, I'm glad I had this surgery done when I did.  Each part of the experience is interesting in its own way.  Thank you to everyone sending good wishes.  

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