Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Progress . . . One week along

I am surrounded by flowers.  These were all gifts from family.  Thank you Jason, Karen and Joan.  Color helps me heal, I think.  The surgery is literally one week past.   And with the help of my physical therapists, Laura and Sally, I am functioning well.  I use a walker whenever I move from place to place.  I'm able to do all of the essential things on my own now.  It's all slow and considered.  I can even manage stairs . . . carefully.  And, today, thanks to an invitation from our dear basketball seat mates, Gary and Carmen, I went out to lunch!  I was able to get down to the car and then go to Sam's Chowder House for a nice meal.  

Ron has been so kind in doing a thousand things I normally do: the laundry, all of the cleanup, making tea and bringing it, carrying objects like this laptop from room to room as needed.  He is my rock in taking care of physical things.  This morning he changed the bed linens and refreshed the room.  I am grateful.  Tomorrow I see my Doctor's assistant and have my first post op checkup.  Here is a photo of Ron putting a heating pad on my ankle in the shape of a teddybear.  


  1. Happy to support your healing with love and flowers :) You have been such a trooper!

  2. I appreciate this post and your previous one. It's true that while it's good to be strong (and we are), it's not good to suppress valid emotions when we're going through something difficult, or pretend like something isn't hard when it is. Especially the fear of the unknown. The fear of worst case scenarios which, while not likely, are possible, and no one can tell you they're not. (Kinda like life in general...)

    It's good to remember that even in the unlikely event of not-so-good scenarios, we are still loved, we are still strong, and life is still beautiful. And most likely things will be fine anyway. :)