Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 30: De Young at Art

The DeYoung Museum in San Francisco is a happening place.  Friday nights the place rocks!  Last night the main hall hosted a full jazz ensemble and a world class singer.  Folks were dancing in the aisles.  Quilters were sewing.  Children were painting, and a group of twenty of us were taking a class called:  "Drawing in the Galleries".  

Our first assignment before we settled in to draw necks and heads was to have a look at a new exhibition which opened today.  It is a room full of art, mostly figurative, painted by children and young adults.  The exhibit is cleverly named "Young at the DeYoung"  or "Young at Art."  The work is varied and inspiring.  Many media are represented.  Be sure to stop by the DeYoung Museum to see this wonderful show.

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