Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 47: Sakura - Cherry Blossom Tea

Perhaps the very best part of a lifetime being a teacher is having made exceptional friendships along the way.  Today was a banner day in that I had lunch and then tea with two of my favorite former students.  Both of these remarkable adults at a point in time several decades ago showed up in my classes to play as improvisers.   Adam Tobin (one of the founding SImps . . . Stanford Improvisers) is currently teaching screenwriting in the ART department at Stanford.  Eva Balint is a physician who also practices and shares improvisation in her practice and with her patients.  

Today I had a wonderful lunch with Adam followed by a meeting with Eva.  Eva arrived with a tiny shopping bag filled with goodies from Japan.  She and her husband had recently returned and she wanted to bring me a gift.  In the precious little shopping bag was a glass jar filled with a wonderful Japanese spice that is used over rice or udon or as a seasoning for meat.  Just seeing the tiny red and green dust of it reminded me of Japan.  In addition to the spice was a box of Sakura or Cherry Blossom tea bags.  It seems they harvest fresh cherry blossoms, freeze dry them (or something) and then vacuum seal them in a gold foil wrapper.  Along with the tea was a box of handmade cookies with lovely designs on them.  The photo at the top of this post shows how the cherry blossoms expand into the steaming tea water.  What a charming and thoughtful gift.

The real gift is the special friendships I have with Adam and Eva.
Thank you both for meeting me today.  

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