Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 38: Pescadero Church

On the second Sunday of each month the Pescadero Community Church hosts a "all you can eat"  pancake/waffle breakfast.  It is a friendly event that precedes the morning church service.  Along with the pancakes eggs and ham are served.  A hearty feast cooked by smiling church volunteers.  Ron and I have been going to this monthly event for several years now.  We don't go every month, but as often as we can remember and are in town.  

The painting is a watercolor of mine done a year ago.  

You may notice that this post (which was meant to be for Sunday) was not posted on this blog until Monday.  Ta-Da!!!  Sorry to miss a day.  My goal is to post thoughts every day for 365.  But, as you see, I'm not perfect.  Or, perhaps another way to look at it is this.  I am perfect enough.  Sometimes I screw up or forget.  Happy Monday.  

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