Tuesday, May 25, 2010

day 46: Playhouse

Anyone who knows me is aware that I consider my husband, Ron, the kindest and most helpful person I have ever known.  He is quick to say YES to any request for help and is generous, sometimes to a fault, with his time, money and tools.  Recently on Facebook a former Stanford student (and member of the original Stanford Improviser's Founding group) Rob Baedeker posted a request for materials to build a playhouse for his daughter, Nora.  Since Ron is now a retired contractor he has a garage full of odds and ends, tools of all kinds and lots of spare lumber.  I volunteered that Ron could lend Rob some items for his project.  Days later Rob showed up to collect the stuff to take back to Berkeley for his project.  The plywood that Ron was able to give him didn't quite fit in the back of his Saab, so Ron agreed to come over on Saturday to bring the materials in his truck and also to give a hand, if needed.  The finished product is fit for a Princess. And, as you can see Nora Is that Princess.  Behold the red playhouse!     


  1. And what a beautiful princess she is! All you say about Ron is so true, and I know he received much joy in exchange for his time and talents.

  2. How kind of you to say this, Marie. Yes, I think he does experience deep satisfaction when he gives himself away. You know much about this, I believe. Always a pleasure to hear from you.