Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 84: Goodbye IPhone 3GS , Hello IPhone4

  A year ago when I purchased my first IPhone everything changed.  I continue to be amazed at what this device does for me every day.  It helps to organize my mind.  It keeps all important information.  Allows me to stay in touch with friends as well as to meet new readers and fans of my book, Improv Wisdom, through email.  I can also read books, listen to music, check the news, transfer money in my bank, take photos, check the weather in Virginia,  look at Google earth and of course, make and receive phone calls. A modern miracle.
So, I decided to purchase the IPhone 4.  I got an email yesterday to stop by the store and pick it up.  I did.  With ease all of my data was transferred to the new phone.  Then, using the Internet I posted an ad to sell my IPhone 3GS and had a dozen takers in a half hour.  What a world.  I am grateful for this product and for the efficient way it helps me organize and communicate.  

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