Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 94: The Assembled Clan

Well we made it!  The assembled clan are now at Virginia Beach in a wonderful beach house overlooking the back bay.  The folks in this photo from left to right (back row) are:  Don (Nathan's friend), Nathan Offenbacher, Kent Taylor, Alexander Thomas, Jennifer Gaddis, Lynn Ryan, Michael Ryan, Emily Dunlavey, Reid Dunlavey.  Front row:  Ron Madson, Patricia Ryan Madson (in the stripes), Kathleen Ryan, Ryan Dunlavey, Jysenia Dunlavey and Dee Taylor.

Our first day on the beach was perfect:  clear skies, frothy waves, and lots of fun body surfing.  We play games, tell stories, eat well and check our cell phones from time to time. It's a nice life.  We do have a terrific family.  More photos of our adventures to come.  Today's motto:  Treasure Family.

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