Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 91: The Ryan Clan at the Beach

 Look out, Virginia Beach here come the Ryans and all of their kith and kin.  Beginning on Saturday, July 10 a bunch of the Ryans will descend upon Sandbridge.  We've rented a big house near the beach and we are all coming to tell stories, catch up on family news and just plain have fun.  Those who are coming include Michael and Lynn Ryan from Burke, VA,  Emily, Reid, Ryan and Jysenia Dunlavey from Hamburg, NY, Kathleen Ryan of Richmond, VA, Nathan Offenbacher of Hampton, VA, Jennifer Gaddis of Texas and her friend Alexander, and Ron and Patricia Madson of El Granada, CA.  Other family who may drop in include Aaron, Hayden and Brenda Offenbacher of Richmond.  Kathleen's daughter, Sarah Louis Offenbacher of Los Angeles won't be joining us, but she has wonderful news that she is now engaged to Lejohn Douroux.
The photo pictured here was of an earlier VA beach party.  More photos to follow!

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