Monday, November 7, 2011

Arriving in Bhutan: notes from Ron

Today's post is by my husband Ron who shares his impressions of our landing yesterday.
"We have landed in a lot of places scattered around this great globe, but I have never been choked up with emotion and the warmth I felt emerging out onto the tarmac here. We stayed there on the tarmac, for quite a while just taking in clarity and purity I feel here.

Paro International Airport is a short single runway nestled in the Paro valley, cradled by small mountain ranges running the length of the valley and tall snow capped peaks at the tailing end. The crispness clarity and cleanliness stands in such marked contrast with all that India seemed to embody. All the buildings of the airport itself and around the landing strip are traditional Bhutanese, colorful and beautiful. Lots of carved wood and Buddhist iconography. This is not an airport, it seems, but looks and feels more like a monastery.

Lots more to share, but it is a.m. now and we've got to run to breakfast then meet with our guide for a day around Thimphu. This is the capital and it is beautiful and wonderful and not a tourist town at all.

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