Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The trip of a lifetime . . . Going to Bhutan

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011 Ron and I set out on a world journey.  We travel via Hong Kong to New Delhi, India first.  There we meet a young woman, Pasang Dolma who is a Tibetan girl living in Dharamsala.  We have been her sponsor for a number of years and now will finally have a chance to meet her face to face.
After four days in India (which includes a day at the Taj Mahal) we move on to Bhutan.  We have two weeks in the country which will take us out into the Blumthang region to attend the Black Crane Festival in Jakar.  While I won't be posting from Bhutan I hope to share some images and impressions when I return.  Wish us good fortune and safe travels.  Home on November 22, 2011. This photo is of the famous Tiger's Nest, a monastery perched on a hill outside of Paro.  


  1. Beautiful exotic pictures! Keep posting.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Would like to know more about Bhutan. /Henry

  3. this is the best shot of Taj Mahal India i've ever seen..great click...:)