Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 5 Bhutan

It has been quite an adventure. After a full day of delights in Thimphu we set off for a distant area called Gantey where we were to stay in a primitive farmhouse. The drive which took eight hours covered rough and narrow roads but the scenery was breathtaking. Arriving at the farmhouse at dusk Ron was not feeling well. We were at 9300 feet elevation Our kind and helpful guide checking his symptoms judged that he was suffering from altitude sickness. The only way to treat this safely is to descend to a much lower altitude. So at night our driver brought us back down the mt to the town of Punakha a three hour dusty drive. Near midnight we took Ron to a local hospital (which is a story in itself). The Bhutanese doctor who was called from home examined him and judged that he was going to be okay. We stayed overnight in the Primeministers guest house. (another long story)
On day 4 we had another all day drive arriving for the night in the town of Trongsa. Both of us were pretty wiped out. The acclimatization is taking longer than we imagined. But today day 5 we had only a three hour drive through beautiful forests to get to Jakar. Along the way we hung prayer flags at the highest pass (thanks Jim,for good idea) then got to see a rehearsal for a Buddhist festival. We've at last arrived where we will be staying for three nights. We are at 8400 feet and it's cold. Our room has a tiny wood stove. They light it at night. The weather has been PERFECT. Cool clear and dazzling. Taking lots of photos and videos but will wait to post when we have stronger Internet.
So you see it has been quite an adventure. I think the hardest part altitude wise is behind us and we'll get stronger and mor

e able to enjoy this countries many blessings.
Here are some prayer flags.

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