Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leaving Bhutan

It's an unexpected surprise to find free wifi at the Paro airport lounge. We are poised to leave this extraordinary land. What sticks in my mind is the image of prayer flags everywhere. These good Buddhist believe that each flap of the cloth bears a wish for peace and harmony into the universe. While they don't believe in a God as such, they do trust deeply in reality. Every chance he had our guide could be heard mumbling prayers. Om Manu Padme hum a prayer of hope for enlightenment in this life. Well these hard working people with their reverence for art and beauty strike me as embodying this wisdom. And of course not everyone is a Buddha all the time (even Bhutan has its share of jerks) on the whole the behavior of these people is something to admire. I look forward to time to digest these experiences and write about them. Now my prayers are for safe and uneventful travel over the next 12 thousand miles.

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  1. Love the spirit of the multitude of prayer flags framing you and your trusted pony

  2. What an absolutely lovely blog, Patricia. I adore the thought behind the prayer flags... that "each flap of the cloth bears a wish for peace and harmony into the universe." I wish there were a breeze in my home! Thank you also for writing such a wonderful book - it's filled with so many of my favorite improv lessons and I love reaching for it every so often as a refresher :)

  3. Hello LG,
    What a wonderful comment! Thank you for the kind words about the blog and most especially about my book. It pleases me so much to know that readers have found value in the little volume. May all of your improvisations turn out well!