Monday, November 7, 2011

Landing in Bhutan

We have safely landed in Bhutan. Our guide greeted us with kata blessing scarfs. We were driven through beautiful valleys filled with smiling people. This is a magical land in every way. The air is fresh and clean. The snow capped mountains surround us. We were led to the gorgeous Galinghka hotel where our corner suite looks out over the town of Thimphu. It feels as if we have literally gone to heaven. I cannot express my profound joy. Now the grand adventure begins. And as icing on the cake our hotel has wifi. I know it's heaven.

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Location:Thimphu Bhutan


  1. Dear Patricia,
    thanks for the sharing. Indeed it good to know Bhutan is full of smiling people. .. a beautiful country.

    Keep writing. Henry

  2. "It feels as if we have literally gone to heaven..."

    What an extraordinary thing to utter...I can only begin to imagine the experience that prompted this statement, and I found myself inspired by THAT thought alone.

    You continue to lead, you continue to teach, you continue to light the way, simply by being yourself and relishing life.

    Much love,