Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 213: RedVelvet Cupcakes

On a rainy day nothing seems nicer than the smell of something baking.  I have made a recent discovery.  If you buy a box of cake mix it is possible to divide it in half and with each of the halves you can make a single dozen cupcakes.  When the recipe calls for three eggs for the whole cake, use two for the dozen cupcakes.  Reduce the water by a tablespoon or so and the whole thing is perfect.  I can almost never use 24 cupcakes.  They get moldy after a bit. But one dozen is just perfect. I recently found a cake mix for RED VELVET cake.  I goose it up a bit by adding cocoa and a teaspoon of instant coffee to bring out the chocolate taste.    My next discovery is that dunking the vanilla icing into a plateful of long haired coconut is a real winner.  These puppies fly off the plate.  So when you have a rainy day pull out the muffin tins.  Grab some little cupcake liners and have a ball.  Come on over and join me for a cupcake and a cup of tea.

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