Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 220: Unexpected Gifts

Today was the official opening game of the Stanford Women's Basketball season.  We faced off against a tough team: Rutgers.  We have season tickets and have already enjoyed the exhibition games against Vanguard and UC San Diego.  Today was the real thing.  The game was a partial nail biter, but the Crimson was victorious with a final score of 63-50.

One of the best parts of today was that we got to meet up with good friends Carole and Malcolm McFall who live in Atascadero.  They are serious women's basketball fans and we met them at the Pac10 tournament in Los Angeles last year.  We've become friends and share our love of the Stanford team.  Today we shared a delicious meal at P F Chang's China Bistro after the game.  Carole arrived carrying a mysterious and hand decorated white box.  Already this gift distinguished itself as ART!  Oh, boy.  Inside this attractive container were two handmade apple turnovers, fresh from the oven.  Our kind benefactors were Carole's grandchildren, Kaitlyn and Luke McFall.  These talented young folks had baked these turnovers, packaged them in the attractive "art carton" and sent them to us.  What a treat!  I can't remember when a gift so delighted me.  Thank you Kaitlyn and Luke.  You guys rock!!!!

Oh, and here is the final scoreboard for the game.

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  1. So jealous! Being on the other coast means I don't get to watch any Stanford Women's Basketball games... such a loss!

    -Jill W