Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 244: The wonder of women's sport

I've become a devoted fan of the Stanford women's basketball team.  This is something, considering that I have never had much of an interest in any sport.  I loved the arts, but have been disinterested in sport, up until now.  Starting three years ago I accompanied my husband who is a wild sports enthusiast and loves ALL manner of sport, including his newest addition, HURLING (only in Ireland).

The Stanford women's basketball team, currently #3 in the national standings behind Baylor and UConn, are simply a thrill to watch.  What most impresses me is their teamwork and their sportsmanship.  When a ref makes an outrageously bad call against them you never see so much as a smirk.  They accept all manner of "unfairness" or strangeness with an equanimity that puts Zen masters to shame.  I love watching how they play the game, capitalize on odd events and make each other look good on the court.  Today we are going to see them play Texas, ranked 13.  This should be a challenging game.

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