Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 256: Smooth lunch

A very good friend is going through some dental challenges while his mouth heals from surgery.  During this time he needs to eat only soft foods.  We collaborated on a gourmet lunch that is as lovely to look at as it was tasty to eat.  I made a gorgonzola basil tomato soup.  His gorgeous platter included a beet ganoush (looking for all the world like a blackberry or raspberry ice, a hummus with garlic and red pepper. The dark grain is quinoa.  Mine was on a bed of spinach with some soft rye bread.  Raspberries garnish the plate.
We finished off the meal with a  Meyer lemon pastille, a cream custard that was richly divine.  Not a bad life, eh?  So when life gives you lemons by all means make beet ganoush and lemon pastille.

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