Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 257: Our Christmas Tree

We have a family tradition of buying THE LARGEST TREE that Ron and three men can drag up the stairs. It's a really big deal. And there is often a family fight over the size. Ron wants enormous. I want medium size. I usually let Ron win. We've been collecting ornaments for a long time. Since this year we are going to Canada for Christmas we decided to forgo the big purchase. I am a little sad about this. I miss the smell of the tree and waking up to see it through the bedroom door. At night I love to sit in the living room with only the lights on and bask in the wonder of it all. Instead I'm looking at a watercolor of the tree from 2008. Life is still good.

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  1. Same here. We stopped the big tree thing in favor of a little growing tree in a pot on the deck. Magical in it's sweet simplicity with one strand of lights but I miss the smell indoors. Will have to find some fir branches to cut and spread around.