Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 268: Advice about money

"The way to get money is to earn it."
H Michael Ryan, Jr

Money is the root of so much misery. Being unrealistic is the major cause. Otherwise sensible people turn crazy when they turn a blind eye to reality where money is concerned. I'd like to share some simple rules that I have found to be key in cultivating a happy life.
Here is what I have found works

Always live within your means.
Always save something from everything you earn no matter how small the paycheck.
If you want money: earn it . . .don't ask others for it or expect it to appear
Be generous with money.
Watch pennies as well as dollars.
Check you bank statements at least once a week. (more frequently is even better)
The bank is never wrong. (unfortunately)
You can never find peace when you are in debt.
One credit card is all you need.

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