Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 276: The Pride of Stanford Women

Some of you know that Ron and I are deep fans of the Stanford Women's Basketball team.  We've had season tickets for several years, and eagerly anticipate each game.  The world knows that tonight in women's college basketball may be one of the all time greatest games in history.  The New York Times made note of this today.  Stanford faces the University of Connecticut whose team has not lost a game in 89 matches.  They lost last in 2008 to Stanford.  The excitement is palpable and the game will be nationally televised.  
Watching these women play brings tears to my eyes.  They are so focused, graceful, athletic, and they exhibit the best sportsmanship I've ever seen on the court.  
The team are natural improvisers.  They say YES to life, to challenge, to change, to the unexpected.  They work together seamlessly as a team.  Goodness pervades their team ethos.  Tonights game is sold out at Maples Pavilion.  7349 seats are all filled.  They say this is the first sell out in women's basketball at Stanford.  I'll be proudly cheering our women on.  I hope to victory, but if not, I'll still be their biggest fan.  Go Cardinal.  Beat UConn!

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