Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day four HOME!

Well, this whole experience has been remarkable.  As I type this now on Thursday morning, 10:30am I am at home.  I am dressed.  I have had breakfast.  I am sitting at my computer in the office.  I walked myself into this room and sat myself down with the aide of a walker.  My pain level is low and I'm not right now on the strong pain meds, but have them if needed.

So, I would say my condition is stable and good.  I am fragile and a bit weak and everything is very slow.  My meds list reads like a full pharmacy.  I have a total of 22 meds.  I need a spread sheet to keep count of what and when I take all of these.  Many of them are "as needed" in case I start to itch or become nauseous or something else unpleasant or if the pain gets worse.

The real job now is the retraining of my body and musculature to use the alignment of the new bionic hip.  They say it has a lovely ceramic ball joint, a plastic piece and then a titanium spike of some sort.  What happens is that the bones somehow accept this and grow around it if all goes well.  What is important in the next months is to always be mindful so that I don't fall or extend the leg in someway that disjoints it.  This will be a good exercise in focus, attention, slowing down and doing things deliberately rather than automatically.

I've got wonderful help.  Ron is a champion caregiver and was up twice last night.  I still need help getting in or out of bed.  My right leg isn't strong enough to lift it easily.

I begin Physical Therapy at home today with someone named Laura who is coming to the house to begin my training.  I've had two days of PT in the hospital with great therapists.  Thanks Lisa and Jauiming!

Overall its a positive picture, but I'd be lying if I said it's trivial.  I'm not going to innumerate the problems, but it does seem they are under control right now.  My plan is to do a post daily to give some details.

Frankly this may not be a thrilling blog to read, but I'm doing it both for my own records and for anyone who wants the nitty gritty of how it is going.  It might be helpful to someone else who has this surgery in the future.  Whenever I've told someone "I'm having a hip replacement . . . they know of at least two other people who are also having it done or have had it."  Seems like a rite of passage when you get old enough.

I am very grateful to the nurses, aides, room cleaners, pharmacists and doctors and their assistants who are watching out for me.  And thanks to all my friends who have been sending cheering messages.

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  1. You are amazing. Take it easy on yourself - I like that you are doing that. I will look forward to hearing your progress. Were your ears burning tonight? Bad Art Night - and I was using my QOR watercolors and thanking you again, out loud, for showing me them. xo