Monday, June 22, 2015

Surgery day

Surgery Day Hooray.  Hip hip hooray!!!

We were up at 4:00am to meet our 5:30am date to check in the hospital. And by the time we arrived at Sequoia the sun was giving the world a lovely morning glow.  

Everything has gone perfectly. Being the first case of the day all were fresh, on their mark and doing thoughtful work.  So,far there has been 15 different people who have been taking care of me. I've got their names. 

The post-op experience was ethereal.  I felt elated as I emerged from the anesthesia.  I was soon tranferred to my attractive corner suite in the Hip ward.  Room 3112.  They even gave me a "gift bag with lip balm, toothbrush eyeshades, lotion and lots of fun stuff. 

The anesthesia is wearing off now.  I had a liquid lunch and then my Physical therapist came to do exercises.  I was able to sit on the side of the bed and stand using the walker. I did take two steps but then I got lightheaded and a bit nauseous.  So we didn't yet take that walk down the hall. 

A very neat thing was that they have a line draining any internal blood that may have been lost.  Once they collected a bagful they added it to my IV and gave me back my own blood.  Amazing. 

Now I'm doing well. The challenge will be balancing the pain and side effects in order to begin to walk.  I know you are all cheering me on.  I remember "The path is made by walking." That will be my job.  But likely not till tomorrow.  
 The Internet is buggy so I may not be able to post as often as I would like 
Love to everyone and a big shout out and thanks to Ron. 
Hip hip Hooray. 

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  1. Hehe... yeah, most people don't say it, but aside from, you know, the pain and fear and all, surgery can be kinda fun. You feel like a bit of a "princess for a day" with so many attendants and drugs on demand. In fact, if the food was decent, one might be forgiven for not wanting to leave...

    Recovery is different, of course. A much longer process. But even that has set tasks and measurable improvements, and the moment you're back to 100%, you appreciate every one of those percentage points that much more. You feel it again as the miracle it is.

    Glad it's going well so far, as surgeries go! xxx