Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Second day June 22nd

It's going really well. Surgery was by the numbers. Dr Hartford said it was all good. No problems. I was euphoric when I awoke in recovery likely due to all the medications. I I actually got a good nights sleep albeit in between the every two hour nurses intervention.  Over all it's just great.  I have stood up and taken two steps last night.  Today the physical therapist hopefully gets me walking.

Well my only challenge for the present is managing lightheadednes and potential for fainting.  I seem to be strong enough to walk with the walker but my dizziness prevents me from doing very much.  It's likely caused by my strong pain medicine. They are now assessing the"cocktail ."  Hopefully we can get beyond this glitch with consciousness. .  I may need to be here for four days.  We will see.  

Overall it has been a smooth journey.  I am grateful for the the 30 different people who have entered my room with the purpose of helping me and the hundreds more backstage who serve.
Hospital is great I have a huge room with a view.  Really have not had much pain to deal with.

I'm amazed at how easy it's been so far.  I seem to be in highly competent hands.  It's all good.  I'll have a road to face as I learn to walk with the new hip. I'm motivated to do the work. It's been great having so much love and support. Hip hip hooray for a new hip. 
It will be a while but I'll get there.

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