Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 288: Matt Smith and All My Children

Today is 1-11-11.  What a memorable date.  Tonight we are going into San Francisco to see a one man show performed by the talented and eccentric Matt Smith.  He might object to the word eccentric, but I mean it in the most loving way.  Matt is one of a kind and a brilliant teacher and actor.  The show which has a single night at The Marsh in the city is titled:  All My Children.  (Not to be confused with the Arthur Miller play of the same name.) I had the fun of seeing an early draft of this work last year when I spent a week on Orcas Island, WA with Matt and Rebecca Stockley studying improv . . . as their student.

Matt introduced me to some amazing improv games that have given my own teaching an infusion.  Break a leg, Matt.  This is actor's well-wishing, for those who may think it rude.

PS: on Wednesday morning . . . the show was dazzling/fast/funny/heartbreaking/bizarre . . . a lifetime in 90 minutes.  Matt is the consummate monologist.  We were lucky to have this show at the Marsh.  I hope they bring him back for a long run.  Well done, Matt.

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