Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 303: Mount Montara

Wednesdays is Plein Air painting day.  This week our gaggle of painters assembled again at an overlook in Montara.  We were in the parking lot for La Costanera a lively Peruvian restaurant which opened a few years ago.  The view from where I stationed my folding chair is on the left.  My painting, done in two hours, is on the right.  I was looking up at Mount Montara, a cliff that my husband, Ron, loves to run.  He gets a great workout trudging up that mountain and then running down.  I must say, I prefer sitting in my camp chair with a thermos of Earl Grey tea looking out over the ocean and the rolling hills.  The weather was in the mid 60's today, clear and nearly windless: perfect for painting.  Last week at the same site we all gave up after our easels got blown all over the place.

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