Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 295: Our "daughter" in Dharamsala

About ten years ago Ron and I "adopted" a Tibetan refugee child living with her mother in Dharamsala.  Her name is Pasang Dolma, and her mother sells chilis on the street near the Tibetan temple.  Over the years she has sent us some of the sweetest gifts in thanks for our help to her family.  Today we received a package, rescued by the US Postal service that was in virtual shreds.  Somehow they managed to hold the whole thing together and actually find the addressee.  Enclosed are hand knit leg warmers for me and toasty socks for Ron.  I am amazed at the thoughtfulness of this young women.  And, even more astonished at the care with which the postal service kept this package together and got it to me.  All hail the USPS.

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