Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 299: Twist Cam Winner

Thursday night the Stanford women's basketball team played number four ranked UCLA and clobbered them good: 64-38 keeping the UCLA team to their lowest score ever!  One of the joys of being at Maples Pavilion to watch the home games is the half time TWIST CAM contest.  Chubby Checkers "Twist" plays on the loudspeakers and anyone who wants stands up in their seats and gives their version of the Twist. Several cameramen pan the audience and focus on various dancers whose renditions are flashed on the large video screen overhead.  Little kids are often the winners.   For the past two years whenever this music comes on I stand and twist my buns, flailing my arms and giving my all for the twist.  It's good exercise, and much needed if you have been eating any of the stadium junk food.  So, this time I WON!  And my prize is an hour massage at the Pacific TherX Fitness Center.  My niece Emily pointed out that it was a fitting prize for all that effort.  When I got home Ron snagged this short clip of my twist technique.

Today Stanford women face off against the "women of Troy" that is, USC's team.  Should be a good game.  Go Cardinal.  Beat USC.

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