Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 14: Day-Glo 3 X 5 cards

I'm a nut about 3X5 cards.  I use them for everything.  A few years ago I discovered these psychedelic fluorescent colored cards.  I turn the cards into a little note pad by stacking a group of the colors I like and then using padding compound to seal one edge, making it a PAD of index cards.  You can buy Padding Compound to turn scratch paper into pads of paper.  I can pull one off and stick it in a pocket or wallet as a shopping list or DON"T FORGET card.

I use the cards when I teach.  I stuff it in a pocket.  A two hour class lesson can be found on a single card.  It may have a series of bullet points with cryptic phrases like: `Word Ball   ~Leave the Room for the Same Reason  ~Hat Game   ~Three Word Sentences . . .  ~CROW   .  .  .

There is something helpful about the bright colors.  I may forget where I put a note, but I often remember that it is on a lime green card.   Sometimes I give one of these little day-glo pads as gifts.  Folks like them.  I think there is a business opportunity here.  

Let us say Hurrah for the 3 x 5 card!

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