Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 17 Stone Circle

Our village of El Granada is within a stone's throw of the Mavericks, surfer beach heaven.  On a clear weekend day the greater Bay Area beats a path to our door.  This weekend was a yearly event dubbed "The Dream Machines."  A mish mash of vintage cars, airplanes, tractors and army tanks converge to attract a large number of thrill seekers.  This quadruples the traffic and adds to the sense of something happening on the coast.

Usually on Dream Machine weekend it is safest not to go out at all to brave the Highway 1 traffic snarl.  But, I needed a walk, and so I drove to the parking lot nearest the Mavericks beach and took the trail around to the Pillar Point outpost.  Rounding the curve I came upon a newly formed stone circle.  Someone had built a small Labyrinth on a bluff overlooking the harbor.  What a pleasure to stop and quietly walk the serpentine path as it folds in upon itself.

The idea of a Labyrinth is sensible.  Pay attention to the path as you walk.  Make it a meditation.  I walked it twice.  My mind needed this today.

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