Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 21: Paintbrushes for my lessons . . .

So the everyday object that I revere today is the humble paintbrush.  I have more than I need, as you can see with this collection.  I do all of my painting with a single brush, a round #12 that I carry in my travel satchel.  However, I am hopeful that my new teacher, Ms. Jeanne Carbonetti, will teach me some uses for this collection of watercolor brushes.  I apologize for this display of overconsumption.  If I showed you my collection of paints I would be shamefaced.  Another day.

Off today to paint in a class happily titled: "Watercolor Big and Bold"  Oh, and you can make a handy brush carrier with a bamboo placemat. Run some 3/4 in elastic through the middle.

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