Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 22: First Day's Work

Yesterday was day one of a three day workshop with Jeanne Carbonetti in Sedona, AZ.  A masterful teacher, Mrs. Carbonetti gave a lecture/demonstration in the morning sharing her approach to watercolor painting.  In the afternoon we were invited to copy her demonstration painting or do one using the principles she was teaching.  The five elements of a painting are:  Focus, Composition, Value, Color and Texture.  The five techniques of watercolor used to bring these to life are:  Washes, Ruffling (going back into the paint with water), Blended Wet, Glazing and Splatter.

Her own paintings are alive with color and life.  Grand inspirations. Here are two painting I did on that first day, in the spirit of Jeanne Carbonetti.

It was an inspired day of painting and play. What Joy!

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