Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 5: My Sharpies

Homage to the pen.  I am addicted to the Sharpie Ultra Fine Retractable pen.  These handy disposable pens are the perfect tool for me as a watercolor artist. I can draw and doodle and then wash over with watercolor and the lines are clear and unsmudged.  Since I am always misplacing pen caps I was very pleased when Sharpie has the sense to design these with a retractable casing.  No more dried out pens and no more lost caps.  
This is the preferred tool when I autograph my books.  It writes smoothly and never smears.  All hail the Sharpie of today.  And now that I have an entire mug-full I have no excuse not to be working on the next book.  I love this pen.  

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