Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 4: My Chair

  • A few years ago I found myself struggling with back pain. Many of the chairs and sofas in our house can most kindly be described as soft. Doing some research I found that IKEA made a sensible reading chair that supported the lower back while holding everything else in a comfortable way. We positioned the chair with the window light behind and the gas fireplace nearby for cold or rainy mornings. Sitting in this chair and having a cup of tea is one of life's deep pleasures. Currently I am preparing for a trip to Sedona, Arizona to study watercolor with Jeanne Carbonetti. Her style is wildly colorful. I look forward to learning how to play with color in an expansive way

    Sitting in this chair returns me to my true self.

    Well, perhaps that is something of an overstatement. But, I do like sitting here.


  1. I am also grateful for a chair. I am sitting in this same kind of chair right now. I just moved into my own apartment - my first time living alone - and I don't have living room furniture. but my roommate Ian had an aunt who was giving this away. he thought of me and got it for me. And it was my first piece of furniture. It was the first thing that made this new apartment feel like home. There are lots of things I'm grateful for in there - the generosity and consideration of Ian, the ability to explore having my own space here in the city, and this chair which makes me feel at home. thanks for giving me an opportunity to reflect. :)

  2. I love the thought of you in your new apartment sitting in this IKEA chair. It IS nice, isn't it. Thank you for reading the blog and taking the time to reply. You are an important person in my life, you know. I'm really happy that you have your own apartment. Living alone is a real gift, too.

  3. Stan fell in love with the IKEA chair,too, after planting himself in yours and Ron's. His son Carl and wife Melissa got one for him this spring and he has now totally abandoned his big, soft, leather chair. Stan's is totally black...I just couldn't see him in a white one wearing his jeans adorned with freshly applied cattle accoutrements!