Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 312: Friendship and clippings

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Don Streibig lives in Ohio. Here is a recent photo of him with his daugher-in-law and grandson.  We  hung out as friends, and shared our love of the theater during the years I taught at Denison University (1969-1976).  When I moved to California we kept up our friendship by correspondence and an occasional phone call or visit.  Don has a mind that would make a memory researcher spin with appreciation.  He remembers the details of past events with remarkable accuracy.  He always remembers my birthday and sends a card.  And over the years he has been the faithful friend who sends "clippings" (often from the New York Times) about events that might be of interest.  For example he remembers students of mine from the 1970s and will send a clipping of a review of this person's work.  Just a few days ago I got an email with a link to a NYT's review of a play on Broadway starring one of my former Stanford students, Andre Braugher.   What struck me is how new technology is making it easier to be a friend.  No trees are used to make this connection and share this information.  Don doesn't even need a stamp to mail it off.  He just pushes the "send" button and voila, the clipping appears in my inbox.  What a world.  Thank you, Don.  Keep those cyber-clippings coming.  

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