Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 324: the fish symbol

Books have a life of their own. When Improv Wisdom:Don't Prepare, Just Show Up was published by Random House in 2005 I had a dream. The dream was that the book would live for a long time and find it's way into the hand of people all over the world. And this dream is coming true, little by little, book by book. Three years ago the book was sold to publishers in Germany and Korea. Last year a Japanese publisher bought the rights. I've been working for over a year with the translator to help bridge the cultural divide. A publisher in Taiwan bought it last fall and the Chinese language version is underway. Just today I heard from a friend and blogger Giorgio Paparelle that he had interest from a businessman in seeing an Italian translation. Perhaps these rights will be sold soon. And there is a friend of a friend hawking it in Mexico now. What kindness. Books move through the world because people speak about them. If you know a good book, tell someone. Or better yet buy a copy and give it to a friend. I want to thank everyone who has been helping my book grow in popularity. Word of mouth rules.

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