Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 149: The Fourth Day of Painting in Schull

On our final day of plein air painting with Judi Whitton she took us to St. Mary's cemetery in Schull.  The ruin of an old church dates to the potato famine days of the 1850's.  A new church which is down the road was built and this one fell into decay.  The site of the cemetery is right next to the ocean.  Little boats sail and motor by.  The day we painted was a clear, cool picture perfect day.  These paintings a good examples of what I am trying to do with the Whitton techniques I've been learning.  The final image is a quick sketch I did in a small watercolor sketchbook.


  1. O the colors! I would live in these...reminds me of the Rumi poem Diane Walker posted on her blog:

  2. Patricia, I'm also a fan of Judi Whitton and I have to say how well you seem to have captured the "loose" style in these sketches.... they look great. I look forward to seeing further paintings plein air now you're back home.

    Steve, Wiltshire, UK