Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 169: Charlie's Birthday

Being a career teacher means that over the years some students have become special friends.  Probably the best part of teaching is watching those young men and women grow into the next generation of parents and teachers.  I am fond of calling Adam Tobin "my favorite student of all time" . . . with apologies to any other student who imagines they hold that title.  Adam was a member of the founding Stanford Improvisers group in 1991.  I have enjoyed following his life, graduate work in Film at USC and his stint as a script writer in Hollywood, as well as his marriage to the brilliant and talented Amy Mushlin.  Adam is now an instructor in the Film Program at Stanford.  He teaches also for Continuing Studies at Stanford.  Today was his son, Charlie's second birthday party.  It was held at Burgess Park in Menlo Park and the world was full of children, good food and young families.  We were happy to be invited.  Here are a few photos of the happy event.  You may notice that Amy is carrying the next Tobin family member along with the skeptical Charlie.  She is expected to deliver in the next two weeks.  Happy sailing, Amy.

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