Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 172: The Stanford Improvisors Today

Standford Improvisors September 2010
In 1991 when I was teaching at Stanford I had the great good fortune to found a student group known as "The SImps" or the Stanford Improvisors.  At the time it came out of necessity when a group of young men and women who were raring to jump on stage, improvise, study improvising and teach others to improvise appeared on the scene.  Nearly twenty years later this group is thriving at Stanford under the wise coaching of Dan Klein (who was named teacher of the year by the ASSU students in 2009).  Dan is teaching a Global World Improv seminar in Ireland this week and I have happily agreed to show up and teach his improv classes at Stanford.  Pictured here is the current generation of the SImps.  I had the most wonderful time playing games with them and musing over what it means to "create a safe space" for people to learn how to improvise.  I am very proud of this talented and generous group.  Next May we will celebrate the 20th year with a reunion weekend.  Go Stanford Improvisors!

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