Thursday, September 16, 2010


As I pay homage to the ordinary things in my life I must not overlook my favorite drink which is Earl Grey tea.  I can hardly ever get enough of it.  I'm drinking a cup now.  I enjoy sampling the different brands and sub-flavors. I drink it with milk and sweetener, like a regular black tea.  Many tea buffs would find this a form of bastardization.  Purists insist Earl Grey be drunk black.  

A particular favorite comes from the TEALUXE company in Boston.  One of their blends is called "Creme de la Earl Grey" (#211) and has a creamy, smokey flavor.  I order it by the pound in loose leaf form.  Would love to hear from any other Earl Grey aficionados.  


  1. Mmmmm I love Earl Grey too! Have you tried a London Fog?

    I'm with you - milk and sweetner for Earl Grey. I still remember that dark tea we had each day at Doe Bay.

    Have it your way! :)

  2. Purists Smchmurists! I like mine with a little mild and sugar too. My mother used to drink Earl Grey and it was a special treat to have a cup with her. When Starbucks came out with their London Fog (earl grey, lavender and vanilla) and I had my first taste, I was thrown right back into a cozy kitchen and a hot cuppa. Ever since then I have tried as many varieties as I can. Mmmm! Happy tea!

  3. Hay, thank you for the heads up about London Fog. I'm on my way to Starbucks right now. After I finish my cup of Earl Grey, that is. Lovely to learn that you also share my enthusiasm for this amazing drink. It makes me so happy that you visit my blog. I LOVE yours, KIm.