Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 167: Breakfast alone

One of the habits I developed while living alone for over 45 years was that of sitting down to a meal with myself.  It may seem silly, but I usually set the table with a placemat, napkin, etc and make a meal into an occasion.  During my single days I loved eating alone in restaurants too.  There is something rich about celebrating a meal by honoring it with a place setting.    Of course, I don't always do this.  Like most of the world, I grab a bagel and mug of coffee on the fly or eat a sandwich while sitting with my feet up reading a book.

But a lot of time it just seems right, honorable, to take the time to sit down to a meal.  This week my husband Ron is traveling and I'm "batcheloring" it.  I'm using the tea cosy I got in Dingle and some jam I just bought at the King's Mountain art and craft fair.  I'm also enjoying the lemon curd I just made.  The crockery is pottery by my favorite artist:  Sandy Kreyer.  Come join me for breakfast some time.  Doesn't take much time to make something special out of everyday life.

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