Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 338: I'm an Award Winner!


I am in the debt of the amazing Diane Walker, whose blog: "Contemplative Photography" never ceases to inspire me.  She recently named me as one of those whose blog she admires.  This is itself an amazing compliment.  Apparently this award comes with a set of rules that the recipients need to follow.    Here are the five rules that those who I nominate should follow:

1.✦ Link back to the blogger who bestows the award. (✓) (Contemplative Photography for me and this blog for YOU if you are a winner.)

2.✦ Display the image from the award creator (see graphic above). (✓)

3.✦ Pass the award on to five (5) other 
bloggers who must follow these rules. (✓)

4.✦ Link the post back, so 
Jillsmo can follow its trajectory. (✓)

And then the fifth: TA-DA!!

5.✦ List five (5) facts about yourself, four (4) of which must be lies
Drumroll  .  .    .Here are my the Bloggers of Note that I admire and to whom I give this award:

Patti Digh  37 Days 
Steve Pressfield Writing Wednesdays
Colleen Wainwright  Communicatrix
Susan Landor Keegan  A Little Painting Everyday
Susan Elliott  Plays With Needles 
Cate  Serendipity

The  five facts about me:
1. I absolutely LOVE octopus.
2. I was the youngest person to ever graduate from  Wayne State University.
3. I suffer from acid reflux.
4. I've written two books that have been published.
5. I have a trip to Ecuador planned for this fall.

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